Actually .. Dunglish 🙂

After the massive success (hahahhihihoho) of our first series in Dutch, we have decided for the next series to summarize and comment on each of the chapters of the Doughnut Economics book in Dunglish. In all honesty, it was not really a decision, it’s just something we could not escape. Doughnut economics has a planetary scope, so we need to connect globally. Instead of speaking Dutch we’ll give our best Dunglish a try. We will flipflop between attempts at US, UK, possibly Ozzy or Asian accents. In any case it will not sound anything like proper English, so Dunglish it is.

Series ENG-1: 7 episodes in format of summary and short commentary

Change the Goal

ENG-1-1 - Summary and Commentary

See the Big Picture

ENG-1-2 - Summary and Commentary

Nurture Human Nature

ENG-1-3 - Summary and Commentary

Get Savvy with Systems

ENG-1-4 - Summary and Commentary

Design to Distribute

ENG-1-5 - Summary and Commentary

Create to Regenerate

ENG-1-6 - Summary and Commentary

Be Agnostic About Growth

ENG-1-7 - Summary and Commentary