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Purposefully Playful Platypus. Humbly working towards big ideals, many projects at a time. Doughnut Economy advocate, because: yes! 

Aspiring OpenDictator. Enjoys listening and singing, never knows what he’s going to say next. Inspired by Doughnut Economics, because: imagine!


With every episode of our first series in English (Dunglish) we add a learning goal to our bucket list. A topic we would like to know more about, by finding additional resources or through interviewing a subject matter expert. Are you that expert? Contact us at hello@doughnuttalks.com 

Chapter 1 Change the Goal → Learn more about METAPHORS #bucketlist

Chapter 2 See the Big Picture → Do a SYSTEM CONSTELLATION and put spotlight on HOUSEHOLDS #bucketlist

Chapter 3 Nurture Human Nature → Dive into REFLEXIVITY and indigenous wisdom about nurturing RELATIONSHIPS #bucketlist

Chapter 4 Get Savvy with Systems → Make an INSIGHT MAKER MODEL and determine SYSTEM IN FOCUS. Learn more about ELINOR OSTROM #bucketlist

Chapter 5 Design to Distribute→ Publishing and Distributing OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES and Learn about BLOCKCHAIN #bucketlist

" The most powerful tool in economics is not money, nor even algebra. It is a pencil. Because with a pencil you can redraw the world. "
Kate Raworth